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Smart Touch is dedicated to helping companies in diverse industries to communicate and present themselves, their products, and/or their services in a more engaging, innovative, and attractive way through the efficient implementation of the most suitable technology tools.

Smart touch delivers its solutions by integrating and customizing state of the art Hardware and Software products from around the globe, as well as developing custom solutions to fit specific communication needs.

Smart Touch has successfully implemented interactive and innovative communication solutions for diverse industries such as:

Government. Turn key projects for information visualization and integration of Audio Visual equipment for their facilities: SEDENA (The Secretariat ofNational Defense), SAGARPA (The Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, RuralDevelopment, Fisheries and Food), PROTECCIÓN CIVIL (The Secretariat forCivil Protection), INBA (National Institute of Fine Arts), SENER (The Ministry ofEnergy), PEMEX (The State Owned Petroleum Company).

Corporate. Digital Signage for corporate communication purposes, custom made applications and projects for personnel training, corporate events, and trade shows, as well as the installation of technology equipment for board rooms, meeting rooms, lobbies, and showrooms. Some of our customers include: Bayer, Roche, Nestle, HSBC, Mazda, Odebrecht, Nestle,AT&T, GM, BMW, to name a few.

Financial. Interactive Digital Signage for bank offices and insurance companies, as well as corporate events. Some of our customers include: Banamex, Santander, BBVA Bancomer, HSBC, Sura, Banorte,

Transportation. Interactive Digital Signage and wayfinding solutions and large format interactive kiosks for the transportation industry. Some of our customers include: OMA (Grupo Aeroportuario Centro Norte - 13 airports inMexico), GAP (Grupo Aeroportuario de Pacífico – 12 airports in Mexico),and the Mexico City Metro.

Retail. In-store experiences and product demonstration in large format interactive displays. Some of our customers include: Interceramic, Samsung, Lowes, Llano de la Torre, Suzuki, Bticino, Adidas.

Hospitality. Interactive large format wayfinding kiosks at shopping malls, interactive tables, interactive menus, switchable glass solutions for privacy purposes, etc. A couple of examples: Centros Comerciales Galerías,Palacio de Hierro.

Events & Exhibitions. Large format interactive screens to showcase all product information in a standardized and dynamic way including videos, brochures, pictures, pdfs, and even customized interactive games for brand awareness, activation, and remembrance, either at a conference, a tradeshow, a corporate event, and even at the company’s lobby or showroom.The contents can also be carried in smaller, portable devices for one on one sales presentations purposes. The presentation tool allows for collecting interaction analytics and even a complete database to follow up on specific customer interests. Some of our customers: Mazda, Ford, Hyundai,HP , Forbes, Deloitte, Bimbo, Zoetis, Carl Zeiss, GNP , Coca-Cola, Alen, Televisa, HP, Axis, Medtronic, Merck, Roche, to name a few.

Education. Interactive displays and Software solutions for Schools andUniversities. Some customers: IPN, UNAM, UANL, ANAHUAC, ITESM,UNIVERSIDAD IBEROAMERICANA, UVM, UAM, etc.

Broadcast Industry. Technology solutions for the top TV stations sets, like TVAzteca and Televisa.

Museography. Hardware implementation, as well as turnkey solutions for musuems such as: Bellas Artes, Ripley, Papalote Museo del Niño, MUTEC,Museo de Memoria y Tolerancia, among others.


Values, for us, aren't soft. They're the basis of what we do, our mission as a company, and a guide for our everyday decision making processes:

  • Full dedication to the success of our customers and the rational use of their resources.
  • Innovation and efficiency in all our solutions.
  • Trust and responsibility in all our relationships.

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