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IntuiFace + Beacons: IntuiLab Adds No-Coding Support for Beacon Technology

With the addition of beacon support, IntuiFace enables content providers to bring contextual intelligence to their multi-touch signage without writing code.

IntuiFace + Beacons: IntuiLab Adds No-Coding Support for Beacon Technology
With built-in support for beacon technology, IntuiFace enables creative teams to achieve a new level of targeted, personal interaction with their audiences.

IntuiLab, provider of IntuiFace, the world’s premier no-coding interactive experience creation platform, is excited to announce the introduction of a series of capabilities aimed at the creation of beacon-aware and beacon-enabled interactive experiences without writing code. Collectively, these features permit creative teams to achieve a new level of targeted, personal interaction with their audiences.

Beacons, particularly popular in retail, are low-energy devices broadcasting either a unique identifier or a URL. By assigning a beacon to individual items or by sending beacon notifications, content providers can create a contextual bridge between product/service/information displays and the actual product or a mobile device. Thanks to this omni-channel scenario, visitors can take information about a given item with them, making the content "stickier" and thus more influential and memorable. The effect is so pronounced that interactive digital signage and beacon technology have been labeled the new power couple.

Approximately 5 million Bluetooth beacons are deployed globally, forecast to hit 8 million by the end of 2016 and then 400 million by 2020, according to a recent forecast. While first adopted in retail as a key enabler for proximity marketing, beacons are quickly penetrating other markets such as museums, hospitality, logistics or manufacturing. Implementations can include wayfinding, exhibitions, and accessibility for the visual and hearing impaired.

IntuiLab has introduced a set of capabilities based upon support for the iBeacon™, Eddystone-UID™ and Eddystone-URL™ protocols. The following three scenarios leverage this support to address a wide range of needs for creative content providers:

  • Application Notification:

Detect beacons and show related content. For example, gallery visitors holding iPads running IntuiFace-based experiences are presented with information about each beacon-tagged work of art as they are approached.

  • Proximity Detection:

Detect real-time change in distance separating a beacon-tagged item and an IntuiFace-based digital sign. For example, create signage that displays information about the item – or items – lifted off a shelf or placed in a specific location.Have your IntuiFace Experience display contextual information as beacon-enabled items are picked up from their original position. Ideal for Lift & Learn or Bring & Compare scenarios.

  • URL Broadcast:

Broadcast a URL using the Eddystone-URL protocol. For example, run ads in IntuiFace-based kiosks that – when touched – broadcast URLs for associated coupons. As no special apps are required on iOS (running Chrome) and Android phones to capture these broadcast URLs, Eddystone-URL promises an increased level of beacon adoption, thus the excitement for what is called the Physical Web™. A very nice alternative to QR codes.

“First in retail and now in many other industries, beacons are providing incredible opportunities to strengthen the relationships brands have established with customers, fans and employees,” said Vincent Encontre, IntuiLab’s CEO. “IntuiFace + Beacons, combined with data capture and analytics, is a power couple that dramatically accelerates our customers’ ability to experiment with and deploy beacon-enhanced digital experiences that - as always since IntuiFace’s first release – is achieved without coding.”

All of these new beacon scenarios were introduced in IntuiFace Version 5.4, shipping today. All users, even those working with IntuiFace’s time-unlimited Free Edition, can incorporate beacons in their designs. Additional details about IntuiFace and its new beacon support can be found here. To get a free copy of IntuiFace, register here.

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