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Maintenance, Support and Update Entitlement

12 Month Entitlement Renewal


Billed annually – per Composer – after first 12 months

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Licensing and Pricing FAQ

Accepted Charge/Credit Cards
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and more. Sorry, no PayPal.
Number of Required Licenses
Every device needs its own Composer or Player license. However, all licenses can be moved from one device to another as often as you wish, making it easy to share them.
Unlimited Experience Creation
There is no limit to the number of experiences one can create with even a single instance of Composer. There is also no limit to how many Players can run a given experience.
Available Discounts
An academic discount is available for the Premier Plan, available to all accredited primary/secondary schools, public/private universities and degree-granting colleges. Sorry, no discounts for non-profits.
Removing the Intuiface Watermark
To remove the watermark and enable Player to run offline, both Composer and Player must have a paid license. As soon as Player is running an experience built by a paid Composer, an active Composer subscription is no longer required.
Player Duration Options
All Players can be trialed for free with no time limit. Prepaid multi-year subscriptions are available at a discount.
Check out our FAQs page for details.