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Pixel Window

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Pixel Window ® is a company that design, develops, manufactures and integrates Multi-touch Holographic Systems (MHS). We have proprietary technology to create state of the art Holograms for markets such as Retail, Entertainment & Leisure, Home Cinema, Theaters, Corporate and others.

Pixel window We are a Mexican company,leaders in digital solutions with innovative products, integral services and withthe highest technology. Members of the Bajío Integral Group, dedicated tosupply and serve with quality and cutting-edge technology

We are a certified company with trainedand specialized personnel and engineering by brands worldwide, with assistance throughoutthe country (Mexico).

All our services have the objective ofinforming, communicating, promoting and projecting effective and high impactcontent that elevates the quality of your companies

Committed to the environment, we promotedigital consumption and an interactive world for all industries and sectors.

Our products:


Widevariety of video wall configurations, monitors, matrix and ideal media in allindustries; shopping centers, boutiques, cinemas, restaurants, monitoringcenters, C4, boardrooms, receptions, factories, corporate, airports, retail andmore. Our solution includes the sale of monitors, supports, and what isnecessary for proper installation, configuration and training.


Multimediacontent, scheduled advertising. Impact with templates, images, videos and livetelevision applications, clock, calendar, HTML, video, messages and live rss,with our different solutions / softwares. We offer the turnkey solution, wherewe train for the use and installation of software, player and screen..


Softwarefor content and custom designs with corporate image, for interior or exterior.Design and display an interactive communication in public spaces, creating anexperience with images, video, audio, websites, maps, 3D from interactive templatesin an intuitive way..


Adhesivefilm on glass that works with electricity. Make your glass opaque totransparent in seconds. Ideal for corporate, residential and hotel.Personalized product for each client, we are specialists and we are trained fora correct installation, guaranteed.


Modularscreens of high brightness, quality and purity in large format, for indoor andoutdoor. Our comprehensive sales, equipment installation and operation andmaintenance training service is backed by international quality standards andIP65 and IP67 protection.


SrcreenGoVersión 2.0 are products formulated to create high definition videoscreens on a wall

Our services:


•       1stLevel Support

Telephone support, with monitoringscript and operation validation, media player, screen and internet connection.

With office hours (Monday to Friday from9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.) Service language: Spanish. Response time no longer than48 hrs


•       2ndLevel Support


AssistanceFace-to-face customer service, preventive maintenance, uninstall of screens formanufacturer review (warranty procedure), screen re-installation (replacementor repair by manufacturer), physical screen review.

Withoffice hours (Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.) Service language:Spanish. Response time Next Business Day. More than 120 locations distributednationwide.




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