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IntuiFace + Beacons = The Newest Power Couple

IntuiFace + Beacons = The Newest Power Couple
With beacon support, your IntuiFace experiences can uniquely identify each item brought near. React in real-time, showing in-context information on the fly.

Beacons, particularly popular in retail and exhibitions (like museums), are low-energy devices broadcasting either a unique identifier or a URL. By assigning a beacon to individual items or by sending beacon notifications from your interactive experiences, you can create a contextual bridge between your displays and individual products or mobile devices. Thanks to this omni-channel scenario, visitors can take information about a given item with them, making the content "stickier" and thus more influential and memorable. The effect is so pronounced that interactive digital signage and beacon technology have been labeled the new power couple.

With IntuiFace Version 5.4 we've introduced a set of capabilities bringing beacon technology to interactive experiences without requiring any coding.

Proximity Detection

Detect real-time change in distance separating a beacon-tagged item and an IntuiFace-based digital sign. For example, create signage that displays information about an item lifted off a shelf (Lift & Learn) or placed in a specific location (Bring & Compare).

Proximity Detection with Intuiface Interactive Experience

Application Notification

Detect beacons and show related content. For example, gallery visitors holding iPads running IntuiFace-based experiences are presented with information about each beacon-tagged work of art as they are approached.

Application Notification Scenario Intuiface-related

URL Broadcast

Broadcast a URL using the Eddystone-URL protocol. For example, run ads in IntuiFace-based kiosks that – when touched – broadcast URLs for associated coupons. No special apps are required on iOS (running Chrome) and Android phones to capture these URLs, making the Physical Web™ accessible to anyone with a mobile device.

URL Broadcast in a Digital Signage experience

Like everything we do in IntuiFace, this new support for beacon technology minimizes your need to understand the technology. Of course, there are some prerequisite technical specs you must respect - identified here - but there isn't much to it. You can be off and running in seconds, adding a brand new layer of personalization and depth to the content you share with your audience.

Bottom line: you can get started NOW.

We go into more detail about our beacon support here; all of the how-to information can be found in our online library here.

Geoff Bessin
Geoff Bessin

I'm Chief Evangelist at Intuiface, which means I think about the intersection of digital interactivity with signage and presentations. Pearls of wisdom? Well...

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