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Getting To Know The Composer Editions

Getting To Know The Composer Editions
Create interactive experiences using IntuiFace Composer. Simple enough. So why are there three editions of Composer - Free, Pro and Enterprise? It’s all about options Let’s review the differences.

Side note: There is only one Composer installer. Install and run Composer without a license, you get the Free Edition. Add a license and it becomes Pro or Enterprise.

Composer Free: Free forever; all you need is an IntuiFace account. Feature-wise, you get every built-in design capability of IntuiFace. And you are welcome to run as many instances of Composer Free as you like, sharing experiences between them. Too good to be true? Here are the limitations

  1. Cannot run experiences in Player. If you want to use Player, the experience must be created using Composer Pro or Enterprise
  2. Cannot run offline. Composer Free must be able to phone home when you start it and every time you enter Play Mode.
  3. Displays a watermark in Play Mode. Like designer jeans, your cutting edge interactive experiences sport a label identifying your use of IntuiFace.

Composer Pro: Sitting down? This could get complicated. Ok. Start with Composer Free, eliminate the limitations and then …. well, that’s it. Composer Pro is Composer Free without the limitations.

Composer Enterprise: Now we get a nice new tier: additional capability not available in the Free or Pro Editions. Start with Pro and then add

  1. Work with live data. If it has an API, Composer can talk to it. Upload and/or download content, creating a live, dynamic, on demand experience both displaying and collection information and content in real time. In IntuiFace terms, we’re talking about the ability to create your own interface asset.
  2. Extend with custom code. Incorporate business logic and communicate with any connected object. By business logic we mean everything from the simplest algorithm to back office systems. For connected objects - i.e. the Internet of Things - you could turn lights on and off, get User IDs from an RFID reader, turn on your car, lower the room temperature - you get the idea. And guess what. It’s the exact same interface asset mechanism.
  3. Automate deployment. To run an experience on any Player in the world, just open a Web browser. Management Console keeps track of every published experience and every running Player. Deploy to one device or a thousand and never leave your desk.
  4. Lots more, but I’ll summarize so it doesn’t seem like boasting. Access one year of usage analytic datacreate your own design accelerators, share experiences with write and play-only access, use your own SMTP server for IntuiFace-generated emails.

Let’s conclude with a very important point.

  • Composer Free can open experiences - but not save edits - created using Composer Pro or Enterprise.  
  • Composer Pro and Enterprise cannot open experiences created using Composer Free.
  • Get Pro if want to eliminate Free Edition limitations. Get Enterprise if you want to go dynamic and/or global.
  • Regardless, get IntuiFace. Be the envy of your neighborhood.!
Geoff Bessin
Geoff Bessin

I'm Chief Evangelist at Intuiface, which means I think about the intersection of digital interactivity with signage and presentations. Pearls of wisdom? Well...

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